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About Epicent



Since 1999, Epicent has delivered professional communication services to businesses and is among the fastest growing PR-agencies in Denmark. Our clients include a number of businesses in several industries spread over all of Scandinavia.


We specialise in conducting press work for B2B businesses and web shops. We are able to create high-quality press material for international businesses regardless of whether it is aimed at local, regional or international media.


These words are both our mantra and an invitation to you. By inviting you to rethink relations, we do not mean to change your entire communication platform or the premises for your communication.


On the other hand, we want you to rethink the execution of your press efforts in order to make them even more effective.


On a national level, we cater to a wide range of clients, which includes some of the largest chain-businesses in Denmark, and on an international level, we service a range of prominent international B2B-brands. Our team consists of experienced journalists with solid editorial networks, ranging from local to national media, including blogs and TV. Additionally, we guarantee competent linguistic and intercultural capabilities as well as a well-developed network of collaborators, which ensures successful handling of international press material.


When dealing with editorial PR, we know that even small adjustments can make huge differences.  Differences that determine whether you make or break and get massive or no media exposure.


Epicent is result-oriented and dedicated to an operational execution of PR-activities, based on a jointly developed plan tailored to the needs of our customers.


We ensure the most effective execution of your PR-strategy, both locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Epicent has extensive experience in making already well-known brands better known all the while multiplying their exposure in the press.


If you represent a chain, a web shop or a B2B company, we dare to guarantee that we understand you and the challenges that lie before you. And there is a high probability that we can make a significant, positive impact on your press work.





MISSION       With a hands-on approach, we rethink and realize businesses’ press potential.


VISION          We strive to be among the leading providers of editorial PR for chain-businesses and                                 B2B companies, in the Nordic countries.


VALUES        We are proactive, effective, thorough, sustainable and commercially innovative.