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Press solutions

Press Solutions


It is impossible to be experts at everything. That is why we concentrate on two client segments: chains and B2B businesses. Our press solutions consists of both national and international PR. We can even customise a PR solution especially for your company.


On a national level, our clients include some of Denmark’s largest chains. Internationally we serve a number of strong B2B brands. Our national department consists of experienced journalists who have a strong network of editorial contacts on all platforms, ranging from local to national media and from blogs to television.


The International department consists of PR consultants who master at least one foreign language at a native level. Strong language qualities, as well as strong intercultural insights, ensure that press campaigns abroad are handled successfully.


Based on the annual cycle of work and communication plan that we determine in cooperation with you, we strive to ensure a results-oriented execution of your PR activities. The foundation is typically a continuous annual agreement at a fixed price.


Whether you represent a chain or a B2B company, we guarantee that we will have an understanding of the challenges you face. In all probability, we can make a significant positive difference to your presswork.


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